Eric Rasch

Innovator. Engineer. Leader.

Eric Rasch is an experienced web developer, project manager, and leader based in Houston, Texas. With over 9 years of combined experience as VP of Engineering, Eric has a track record of success in establishing guidelines and best practices that directly contributed to increasing EBITDA by $40MM+ while at an expert in optimizing websites for performance and conversions, Eric utilized a variety of A/B testing platforms and pagespeed monitoring tools to optimize's 80+ site portfolio. His expertise in content SEO and technical SEO helped to increase page speed by 70% throughout all web pages.Eric is also a skilled team builder and coach, having successfully grown remote teams for over 5 years. He believes in fostering a learning environment and possesses a unique blend of technical and design/UX skills. His ability to communicate effectively with non-tech teams is a valuable asset to any organization.

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